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NFAA "Archery Magazine"

Feb/March Issue Archery Magazine 2010

Stabilizers, Balance, and Bows - Oh My!

Here, GRIV deals with myths of modern compound stabilization and simplifies it into easy to understand steps. Follow this piece step by step for the best shooting stabilizer setup you can possibly imagine. GRIV mentions at the end of this article that there is more to come. We'll post it here as soon as the second article is available.




The Glade Magazine (UK) 

Volume 110 The GLADE Magazine

Can you beat target panic? Yes you CAN!

In this article GRIV covers target panic and other aiming and shot execution prolblems. Inside you will gain an understanding of what it really is. This understanding will give you more power in conquering the issue. Also GRIV's famous ten yard exercise is explained in full detail and it will put you on the right road to your most accurate ever.


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